Do you wish to become a better person?
Yes? So do I, and so does everybody else on this planet Earth. From where does this innate yearning improve arise?


We Will Naturally Find Happiness

We know that all of us souls are any parts of the supreme soul, which is God. Now a name for God in the Vedic scriptures is Brahman. Brahmin means are infinite. Vrihatvat Brahman, God is infinite in extent. So vast is this creation of his, and all of it. He is holding within himself. So imagine the extent of God. But this word Brahmin has another meaning to it. Vringhanatvat Brahman, God is he who makes others infinite. In other words, she is not miserly. He wishes to bestow upon his little children, all his divine treasures, and that is why, as tiny parts of the infinite Brahmin, we naturally have the yearning to grow and become infinitely great as he is. 


Why You See This Growth Taking Place In Every Aspect Of Human Endeavour

That is why you see this growth taking place in every aspect of human endeavor. This desire to improve is innate to our personality. The story of Edmund Hillary is very inspiring. We all know that in 1953 she scaled Mount Everest the first human being to do so alone with Sherpa Tenzing. However, most people don’t know that she made an attempt in 1952 as well and failed. When the British mountaineering association came to know of his attempt, they arrange a program in his honor. He was invited to the stage to speak to them. On the podium was a picture of Mount Everest.


How He Represent His Speech

Before going to the mike, Edmund Hillary went in front of Mount Everest’s picture and waved his fist at it. He said, “Dear Everest, you defeated me last year. But next time, I am going to defeat you. Because you have stopped growing but I am constantly growing.” so this yearning to grow is anus to our soul personality and it will not be satiated until we become perfect, like God himself.


Lines Told By Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda said, “These prophets were not unique. They were human as you and I. And they had attained to super consciousness and you send I can do the same. the very fact that one person attained that state indicates that all people can do so and that ultimately is religion.” The purpose of religion is to help us become perfect like God himself.


Told In Bible And Vedas

“Be ye perfect…like your father in heaven is perfect,” and the Vedas have told us, “Vringhanatvat Brahman. God himself is perfect and he wishes that perfection for all his little parts”.


So the purpose of this human endeavor is to keep growing to the maximum of our potential. When we apply ourselves to that task of time to become better, we will automatically feel better. Let us today ignite within ourselves the aspiration to be the best that we can be. Tomorrow, I am going to explain to you that even this will not suffice. In order to feel happy we also need to do the best that we can do.


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