Attract peoples to your life

If you are a real man, make your future, set your propose of life. When you finally get success everyone attracts to you and the line How To Be Attractive And Attract People Into Your Life will definitely work. That time not only girls attract you but also your friends, family, relatives and other people to your life. The time you have a choice the homes you select your life. Here also this topic covers another topic How To Attract A Girl or How To Impress A Girl.




I tell you a true story of Derek Redmond. In 1992 Redmond was a strong Claimants that he will win Olympic in running. He had started for running of 400 meters and between the race when he had cover 150 race certain his leg muscle got stiff and a severe pain started. He had not able to put his leg an inch. He stands and starts to wallop. The time a man breaks the security area and comes to him to stop. The man was his father. His father gave him support and help him to complete the race. After finish, this race no one does not know that who was the winner but directly amount do something that day so that he got a place in everyone’s heart.

“A brave man never quits”

When Redmond has completed the race and came the last in the race that time all 65000 audiences had honored him by clap for his winning mentality. He acts like a real man. If Redmond wants he may leave the match but he completed it. He saw the spirit of a winner and complete the race with an obstacle and make himself a symbol of a brave man.

Moral of the story:

What did we learn from him?

If we want to get the place of another’s heart we must have to act like a brave man. If you expect got love from someone then you should act like a Brave man, not like a poppet. Never never never give up until you get success. Finally, One day come you questioning yourself that, Am I Attractive and that particular time you have the total quality inside you is How To Be Attractive?





Generally, a boyfriend does such as that thing, which his girlfriend likes. Let’s take an example.

(Boyfriend and girlfriends conversation)

Boyfriend: We will go to the park.

Girlfriend: No we will go to the restaurant.

After that, the boyfriend convinces his girlfriend to go restaurant to avoid the unnecessary argument. Here the boyfriend compromises. After some period this type of cases definitely the girl left the boy or teach the boy. After that, the boy will always think about that “what was my fault?”, I have not to do any wrong with her. What she likes, I do for her but why she left me?

Here is the only answer to the situation that the boy not behaving like a brave man, he behaves like a prophet. Always when a girl knows that she is a boyfriend who will control by herself, that time she thinks about the boy that, he has no ability to make decisions and how he makes decisions about my life and he is not fit for me. It is the main cause of why girls left boys.


Let’s take another example

After marriage, a couple prepared for the honeymoon. Before going to the journey Husband says that we should go by car and after that his wife says no we should go by bus. To impress her wife husband says ok let’s go by bus. After that, they started their journey by bus. In the middle of the journey, the wife suffers from vomit. Finally, when they reach their destination their honeymoon trip vanished. The dispute started between them. The husband says it’s your fault. If we come by car there have no problem. After that, the wife said why you do not take your own decision with surety. and agreed with me if I was wrong.

Moral of this if you always go with compromise then you sure that you have no ability to take your own decision. That’s why you will face problems in your future.


So, always act like a real man, not like a poppet. You must have your own point of view, your own decision. After that, you will be one of the lovable people. If you follow these rules definitely you may be attractive people. Your question on how to be attractive and am I attractive will fulfill this point.





Here I talk about another contest, where there are two boys. The first boy who always dependent on his parents. His parents take care of his from childhood to younger and fulfill his all demands. In a single word, we can say that his father is his all achievement.

Now, talk about the second one who has no scope to dependent on his parents. When he demanded his parents they say we have no money and we can’t afford it. That’s why in the second case, the boy starts earning from the earlier and try for himself to make an independent person. Who solve his own problems. Which type of men are more masculine!!! This type of boys has a reality. Basically girls or actress to boys who have a stylish bike, well-maintained dress sense, well maintained or stylish types, handsome, etc. But the many of the guys among them has the contribution of their parents. This type of boy is totally dependent on his parents. But here the girl who has attracted this type of boys must know that the reality of the boy has the complete assignment of his parents. If there is a situation come in this type of boy that to take care of his wife his own income, that particular time they don’t take care of his wife because they have a total habituated for dependent mentality. So they don’t care about his family happy. So all girls take a decision that which type of boys you choose for your life partner or attracted. There is two option one who has totally dependent on his father who has money but has not the skill to make a girl happy and second one who has totally independent also have the other qualities like a real man quality, have a mission for his life and have freedom. Now take your own decision because it totally depends on you. Now I have a suggestion that makes yourself totally independent, it may take some time but one day you think that everyone starts to follow you.

Now take a major example, there are two boys. In the cold day one has no ability to afford a blanket to protect himself from the cold, but the second guy who has to afford blanket and also have all the facility to protect himself from the cold. When viral fever attacks the first one not affected by the fiver but the second guy attacks by the fiver. The main cause is that here the first boy has a strong immunity power and habituated to handle pains and the second one has no immunity power and not habituated to handle problems.

So decide how you strong, in your life to struggle with the pain and survive. When you survive and come out not only girls attract you but also all your friends, family and relatives also attract you and influenced by you and you have the protection power that you protect everyone by struggle monetary, physically and mentally. That time you also fulfill your questions like Am I Attractive and How to be attractive?





This point I state you with a practical example. Suppose A girlfriend says to her boyfriend alcohol is injurious to health. After that, the boy stops alcohol drinking and also suggests to his friends or a close person to left alcohol. But if the girl accidentally or mentally says to the boy that occasionally alcohol drink is not so bad. Then if the boy starts to take alcohol. Here, the boy not live with he is belief system and he also agreed that occasionally alcohol has taken not injurious. To attract or impress the girl he changes his opinion. This type of boy stays in the brother zone or friend zone. They have not become a better boyfriend or husband. Who not believe his own opinion and not care, then no one can care for him, and about the girlfriend, it’s so far.

When you complete this point in your life you will be the best example that, Am I attractive and how to be attractive. You also complete the point of how to attract A girl or how to impress A girl or how to attract others into your life.





Everyone must want to living a purposeful life for own. If you have no purpose in your life then no girl or anyone else wants to come into your life anymore, because everyone thinks that he has no propose in his life and also there no mean for purpose of my life into his life. So that the girl or any other person will not believe anymore on you.

Take an example is a boy has an interview, but his girlfriend called him and say can we go out for a ride? After the boy said today I have an interview so what can I do? after that, the boy thinks and says there are many interviews in my life so let’s go for a ride. In this situation first, the boy loses his self-esteem in front of the girl. Here he left his purpose and take the ride as his priority. This place if you take this type of action then to know that sure you did not take any respect and the girl also knows that this boy has no propose in his life. This case may be the boy is the best boyfriend but not be the best husband. So if you have no purpose in your life then no girls at risk to you and you also not able to any girl or anyone else. So always you must have your own opinion, own purpose and own decision that’s why when one belief on you and say for you that he is leading towards a great life. Then he can believe that you have a purpose and you can do something in your life and also for her life.

Take another best example

A boy reading hard for his exam. That time his girlfriend start the chat. After that, the boy replied to her I am studying now. If that particular time the boy engage in chat, then the girl thinks she is emphasis me more than his career, purpose, life, objective and mission. This type of boy, the girls make foolish. So if you did not want to make foolish then you must have to take your own decision for your own life. If anyone text or call you in your productive hour then you can tell him or her I am busy now wait I will call you when I am free. Here also the girl respects your opinion and think about you that she is a productive Mam and he also has a future or career. Your respect will be increased more from the girl’s point of view.

After all, if you are a real man, make your future, set your propose. When you finally get success many girls attract you. That time not only girls attract you but also your friends, family, relatives and other people to your life. That time you have a choice to select people into your life. Its simple to impress after this completion


Thanks for reading and thanks for your patience.

Suryakanta Panigrahi


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