How to safe your adsense, How to safe your YouTube channel and How to safe your gmail depends on A single topic that is how to safe your gmail account. When you safe your gmail account the other two topic how to safe your adsense and how to safe your YouTube channel will be automatically fulfilled.

How to safe your gmail account, Now it’s plays the vital rule, because when you secure your gmail account hackers not able to entered into your Adsense account and YouTube account.

How Can You Secure My Google Account?

How it is possible?

When you log in to your YouTube and AdSense account that time you get access to your accounts through Gmail, so first you need to save your Gmail account. Gmail is your master lock which allows you to access AdSense and YouTube channel. So you need to save your Gmail first.

Why we secure our Gmail?

Nowadays Gmail is A needy application which we use in our day to day life. Without Gmail, you can’t use your best friend. Now you think a best friend, what’s that?

  • I tell you about your mobile to whom you trust first and who stay with you 24×7
  • You keep your data, message, photo and other backups in your Gmail.
  • If you do not secure your Gmail then hackers may steal the following data through your Gmail.
  • Private/sensitive messages/mails
  • Private document
  • Private photos
  • Private videos
  • App data
  • Your contacts
What Will Hackers Do With Your Data?

What can they do with your Data?

When they hack your account and get the data they may be misused with it like blackmailing you for money or sell your contacts to the third party for money.

What will happen if my YouTube channel gets hacked?

Now I discuss your YouTube channel, if it gets hacked then you faced many problems. It does not matter you are A part-time or full-time YouTuber. If you are A full-time YouTuber then you may face the major problem and it’s very difficult to survive. If you are A part-time YouTuber then you may survive easily because you have another source of income. Both full-time and part-time YouTuber will face the following problem if hackers will hack their channel.

  1. YouTube Career may vanish in depression
  2. All your investing time will be valueless
  3. May be loss your all channel videos if the hacker delete those
  4. You may lose your channel for A lifetime
  5. Your Income/Earning will be stopped
  6. You lose your all data and many more
How Can I secure My Google Account?

What will happen if my Adsense account gets hacked?

Adsense account is the bank of Google. All the monetary transactions of Google make through it. After that, the money transfers to your Bank account. If hackers hack your Adsense account then you suffer from the following problems:

  1. All Earnings will be lost
  2. Your bank details will be revealed
  3. You can’t open another Adsense account with your name
  4. You totally lost your Adsense

How Can I Secure my Gmail?

You can secure your Google/Gmail account through the following steps/settings:

  • Use your phone sign in
  • 2-Step verification
  • Google Account Pin
  • Adding of Recovery Phone
  • Adding of Recovery Email
  • Delete third-party apps with account access

Follow Some other small steps to be always secured:

  • Never save your username and password in any browser
  • Clear all your browsing history after use
  • Not download/Use the unsecured applications
  • Not Use your Adsense/YouTube account details when registered something/promotion portal

Follow these steps, these settings will help you to be safe from a hack. Thanks for coming

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